Welcome to Kibble Connect!

Kibble Connect is a donation platform for pet food and supplies based in Austin, TX. Our goal is to connect people and businesses who have food and supplies to spare with animal shelters, rescues, and pet food bank programs in need. 

NEED A DONATION? | For animal shelters, rescues, and pet pantry programs in need of a donation, Kibble Connect makes it easy to quickly and efficiently post about specific needs, whether it's a certain brand of pet food or gently used dog beds, we're here to help share your information and connect to donors who can help.

HAVE A DONATION? | For those who have or want to give a donation, Kibble Connect makes it easy to quickly identify organizations in your community who are in need and find the best match for your donation. With over 7 million animals entering the shelter system each year and millions more still on the streets, there is no shortage of need.

Benefits For Donors

Donors include anyone with pet food or supplies to spare! i.e. pet food brands, retailers/distributors, individuals, volunteer groups, etc. 

Kibble Connect
  • Save lives:

    Over 7 million animals enter shelters every year. Your pet food donation feeds animals in need, lifting a burden off of shelters and rescues so that their time, resources, and funding can be put toward other life-saving programs for the animals in their care.

  • Tax-deductible benefits:

    Connect with 501(c)(3) organizations that can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

  • Increase brand integrity:

    With your approval, Kibble Connect and the organization receiving your donation will share the news of your generous donation (donors can remain anonymous if preferred).

  • Environmental:

    Aid in reducing environmental waste by ensuring spare pet food and supplies go to those who need it and not to the trash.

Kibble Connect

Benefits For Recipients

Recipients include animal shelters, animal rescues + pet pantry programs that assist animals in need.

  • Save time, money, and lives:

    Spend less time, money, and resources coordinating donations so you can spend more time finding fur-ever homes and continuing the lifesaving work on behalf of the animals in your care.

  • Opportunity to post specific pet food needs:

    Kibble Connect makes it possible for you to post about your specific pet food and supply needs. Can't accept frozen food? Only feed certain brands to the animals in your care? No problem. Share your ideal donation needs in a post and cut down on the amount of food & supplies coming through your door that can't be put to use right away.

  • Increase awareness about your organization:

    With your permission, we'll share information about your organization with our partners and site visitors leading to more potential donors, adopters, fosters, volunteers, and supporters!

  • Environmental:

    Aid in reducing environmental waste by ensuring spare pet food and supplies are put to good use.