Make a Pawsitive Difference while Spring Cleaning this year

While we know dog and cat food is always at at the top of an animal shelter's donation wish list, you may be surprised to learn that donations of these everyday household items are just as crucial. While you’re doing your spring cleaning this year, consider setting aside some of these items to bring to an animal shelter or rescue group in your community.


Old Towels, Blankets, and Sheets: Shelters use these items to keep animals cozy, clean and warm while they wait for their forever homes. Since these items get lots of wear and tear and need to be washed often, there is ALWAYS a need to have extra on hand.



Paper Towels and Cleaning Supplies: If you’ve ever had a puppy or kitten, you know how important paper towels and cleaning supplies are for keeping a home clean. These items are particularly crucial for shelters as they care for so many animals of all ages, and some with medical issues or who aren’t housebroken yet. Aside from being needed to clean up accidents, it’s imperative for shelters to keep areas where animals are kept as clean and sanitized as possible in order to keep the animals safe and prevent the spread of dangerous viruses. Round up any spare cleaning gloves, sponges, mops, paper towels, and disinfectants and help your local shelter keep their animals healthy and happy!



Newspaper: Newspapers are often used to line the bottom of puppy cages and catteries to help with the inevitable messes and keep spaces clean. Start saving your newspapers once you’re finished with them and bring them to local shelter at the end of each month. They will appreciate it so much!



Laundry Detergent: The laundry never stops at an animal shelter! Something is always in need of washing, whether it’s towels, bedding, or soft toys. Donations of laundry detergent help shelters keep their supplies clean and ensure they can continue to be safely reused.



Office Supplies: Do you have spare pens, pencils, printing paper, or notebooks that you’re looking to get rid of? These items might not always come to mind when thinking of what your local shelter may need, but they are a welcomed donation! Shelters need office supplies to process adoptions, recruit and train volunteers, organize community and fundraising events, and keep shelter operations running smoothly and efficiently.


Remember, no matter how big or small your donation, it makes a difference. Every item donated is one less item a shelter needs to purchase on their own and frees up those funds to instead be put toward critical programs and services, medical treatment, adoption outreach, and much more. While you're cleaning out closets and cabinets this spring, be sure to keep a look out for these items and make your spring cleaning count by setting aside a donation of much needed supplies for your local animal shelter.