• Name of Organization : Bessie's Bowl
  • Point of Contact : Heather Hammergren
  • Enter EIN : 83-3227027
  • Donation Needs : We are a new Pet Food Pantry in Amador county, We are the only dedicated pet food pantry in this county, we are also servicing our surrounding counties. Bessie's Bowl is just starting out, and we are looking to build our pantry with pet food and supplies. We are looking for Cat and dog food, wet or dry. Chicken feed would also be appreciated by a lot of our residents.
  • About rescue/shelter : The goal of Bessie’s Bowl is to help struggling families keep their pets by providing cat and or dog food as often as once a month. Although we can't provide all of the food a family needs for its pets, we can help through the tough times. We believe that by providing pet food, many pets can remain in their current home instead of being turned over to our local animal shelters, or abandoned.

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