The idea for Kibble Connect began while Ashley was managing a pet pantry program for a non-profit in NYC. At the time, she was working with pet store retail partners, individuals, and community volunteer groups to source and coordinate donations of pet food and supplies. It became clear that while there seemed to be a great deal of donors with spare pet food or supplies and an even greater number of animal groups in need of donations, there was not a centralized place where donors could share info on what they had to offer and organizations could share info on their specific donation needs. Ashley realized that this was at times resulting in missed opportunities to connect and pet food/supplies that were desperately needed were going to waste.

Kibble Connect enables donors to share details about available pet items they have to spare and for animal rescues, shelters, and pet pantries to post about their specific donation needs. Donors can also opt to browse "requested donations" and connect with an organization to fundraise for or purchase their donation request outright.

Ashley now lives in Austin, TX and hopes that Kibble Connect will help organizations nationwide to reduce the time and resources spent to source much needed donations by making it easier for donors and recipients to connect with one another and ultimately increase the amount of pet food and supplies that get into the paws of those in need!